Elderly Care with Docty

Elderly Care with Docty

It is a common misconception that digital technology is meant for the younger generation. We may also believe that the older generation cannot do without the traditional approaches they have grown accustomed to. But this sort of thought process is far from the reality of telehealth.Telehealth does not solely cater to the younger generations who thrive on their smartphone. It also has the potential to enable access to healthcare as an opportunity for elderly or geriatric patients. And Docty brings that potential to life. But is it worth the effort required from elderly people or their caregivers?The Need for Accessible Care for the ElderlyElderly patients usually have complex medical requirements as they need to address a host of conditions and illnesses.Unfortunately, not all elderly patients are in a position to leave their homes and seek healthcare options. This issue is intensified when homebound patients live in rural or remote areas.That’s where telehealth providers like Docty come in. Docty offsets the necessity for in-clinic visits and gives geriatric patients a chance for quality healthcare from the comfort of their homes.

Moreover, the platform is extremely user-friendly and simple to use — even for aged individuals. So, let’s look at how Docty helps senior patients.

The Care Available for Geriatric Patients

Here are the elderly care options available on Docty:Primary Care: Patients can consult doctors online for primary healthcare issues, including joint pain, muscle stiffness, and accidents.Palliative Care for Patients with Serious Illnesses: Home caregivers can use Docty to report the patient’s health status and condition to their doctors. They can also receive feedback to help alleviate the patient’s distress. Recovery Management: Caregivers can use Docty to manage the patient’s medication and prescription refills, dietary restrictions, physical activity, and psychological and physiological changes.Transitional Care: Doctors can advise caregivers on how they can help patients who are transitioning from hospital care to home care. Patients can get treatment and diet regimens as well as help for managing stress levels.Read on to know how using telehealth benefits elderly patients and their caregivers.

How Docty Facilitates Elderly Care for Geriatric Patients

Here are the benefits that elderly patients get by using Docty:
Flexible Communication Styles – We usually assume that telemedicine solely utilizes video consultations. However, patients or caregivers can also communicate with doctors by utilizing other methods, like images, text messages, and voice calls.This versatile approach to communication helps reduce the need for in-person visits as patients are able to clearly communicate their issues to healthcare professionals. It also makes it easier for home caregivers to address the needs of the patient.
Less Time Investment and Stress for Caregivers – Many aged patients cannot afford to keep private nurses or healthcare professionals to look after them. It is usually a loved one or child who takes care of these patients, often while managing other responsibilities like their jobs and household chores.So, Docty helps these caregivers save their time by avoiding unnecessary travel for consultations. Furthermore, these caregivers gain professional insights into how they can improve the quality of care for the patients.
Improve Patient Experiences – Without the burden of tiring travel, geriatric patients are more receptive to their treatment options. They can get their prescriptions and medicine with convenience and can even access reminder features that help ensure that patients follow their treatment plans.And although telehealth cannot offer direct physical therapy, it helps senior patients get the care they require through a caregiver guided by professionals. So, neither our elders nor we are left helpless.
Reduced Costs – Lastly, Docty helps reduce the pressure put on families by offering vital healthcare services at lower costs than in-clinic or hospital care. It is the final step required to truly make elderly care accessible to all.

Yes, digital healthcare solution providers like Docty are not a complete replacement for in-person visits. However, they help reduce the number of visits and can improve scheduling for the required visits.And most importantly, they help elderly patients access healthcare options that may have previously been unavailable to them. They open a new avenue of care that is favorable and beneficial for all kinds of treatments. So, why don’t you check out Docty to discover how it offers elderly care?

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