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Docty, a global telehealth platform, was born in Connecticut, US out of a need to provide safe and reliable care for patients regardless of their demographics or social conditions. The year was 2018 and the founders, through their personal experiences, had been feeling the need and urge to build something that could provide medical care access to all and hence the mission of Access “Anywhere & Anytime!” came about.

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In 2020, Docty launched its platform in Colombia first and simultaneously started mapping out its penetration into India owing to our founders who are immigrants from India and Colombia, currently living in the US. Now, the platform is also LIVE in India, Ecuador and South Africa. Insurance companies, Clinics, Hospitals, Pharmacies and Laboratories are realizing the true potential of digital health and signing up to provide care to one and all on the Docty platform. 

.Brasil is next. See you soon.



To Be The Global Digital Healthcare Leader Improving & Enabling Access To All!

Our objective at Docty is to enhance patient care anywhere and anytime by providing a seamless experience and multiple data points to healthcare professionals through Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Data Analytics.

Our vision is to create the world’s largest healthcare ecosystem which will include patients, doctors, nurses, clinics, labs, pharmacies, hospitals, insurance providers as well as governments to go beyond the pill offering a patient-centric solution through cross-industry and enterprise collaborations.

This will help us address the following issues:

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Access to remote areas

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Low patient engagement

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Congested ER facilities

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High costs & fraud

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Long wait times

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Care Fragmentation


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