Back To Office in the New Norm – What to Expect from Employees & the Employer

Back To Office in the New Norm – What to Expect from Employees & the Employer

Did you know? Employers can ensure their employees have a safe working space while resuming work from office (Back to office) by implementing healthy working regulations that put everyone’s health in hyper focus. With the world slowly making a comeback, corporates are now reopening offices, hence, boosting our health has become the need of the hour.

This is the perfect opportunity to recreate healthy ways of working together, by prioritizing your workforce’s mental and physical wellbeing. Read on to know how you can improve current work environment to make your employees feel more comfortable in their workspace. 

6 Ways to Commence Psychological & Physiological Changes in Your Organization  to ensure  employees have a safe working space while returning back to office

  1. Listen and understand your employees needs  

It is highly imperative for employers to understand and listen to their employees needs to give the best support to your workforce. Implementing healthy work changes can help in building your employees trust, loyalty, mental health, and physical health needs. Every employee should feel safe to discuss their requirements with their employer when required.  

     2. Better air filtration & ventilation system  

Upgrades or improvements to ventilation systems, on the other hand, can boost the flow of clean air while also diluting any contaminants. When considering adjustments to HVAC systems and equipment, consult with qualified heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) professionals. Prior to the pandemic, buildings that supplied healthy, code-compliant indoor air quality might be enhanced for pandemic occupancy with less expensive measures.

The following is a list of ventilation measures that can assist reduce viral particle concentrations in the air. They are a collection of “tools in the risk mitigation toolbox,” each of which can help reduce risk. Multiple tools being used at the same time is in line with the CDC’s tiered approach and will improve the overall effectiveness of ventilation interventions. These ventilation techniques can help to lower the danger of exposure to covid-19. 

     3. Sanitization of workplaces 

Cleaning using soap or detergent removes pollutants from surfaces, reducing the spread of germs and lowering the risk of infection. Cleaning once a day is usually adequate to eradicate the virus that might be present on various surfaces, if no one with proven or suspected COVID-19 has been in the facility. Sanitization can also put many anxious employees at ease as they consider their home the safest during the time of quarantine. 

     4. Vaccination & health check drives 

Employers can help enhance vaccine uptake among workers by providing information about COVID-19 vaccination and implementing supporting policies and practices that will eventually be beneficial for the employee and the employer. Employers should communicate in a clear and accurate manner, encouraging employees to feel confident in their decision to get vaccinated, and include them in strategies to overcome any barriers. Employers can also set-up health check drives to ensure their workforce is healthy and covid-free. Docty India also helps in conducting vaccination drives and health camps. To know more, get in touch with our customer support team.  

     5. Make work hours flexible 

As we know, many people do not have the bandwidth to work at certain hours due to personal limitations. Understanding your employees needs and catering to them can help in gaining your employees trust and loyalty, as you are willing to make the necessary changes for a hardworking and loyal employee.  

     6. Implement & Introduce Workplace Wellness programs  

Employees become healthier and happier as a result of a successful wellness program. Employees engage and speak with one another when they feel appreciated and respected. Employee morale is good, and they are happier because they have control over their health. Employees expect more from their employers, and technology is critical to seizing the chance to grow your business.

You obtain the competitive advantage of a sustainable and productive staff by implementing solutions that improve the worker experience and increase productivity. We combine technology and human capabilities in a manner that no one else can, assisting businesses in developing a holistic workforce strategy that converts insights into intelligence and intelligence into action. 

Small Changes In Your Health Policies Can Make A Big Difference 

To know more on how you can make a difference to your organization’s current health policies and perks, get in touch with our team of experts to implement thoughtful workplace wellness programs for your employees. Get in touch with our experts to know how you can change the narrative on health.  

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