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360 degrees telemedicine solution at your fingertips
Access Anytime, Anywhere!

Revolutionizing healthcare in the 21st century by building the largest digital healthcare ecosystem.

Democratizing Virtual Healthcare
To enable access to one and all!

Become a part of the largest digital ecosystem to provide and avail specialized and general services.

Modernizing Healthcare Delivery System
To connect healthcare providers and seekers globally

Providing comprehensive and enhanced care using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Data Analysis.

Realizing the full potential of Telehealth
Using telemedicine to bring care closer to home

Digitally enabling end-to-end care journey for consumers and providers across geographies.


Docty Edge

Docty offers a patient centric, innovative telehealth service through a complete set of geo-located digital healthcare solutions to help doctors and hospitals.

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AI Integration

Docty uses artificial intelligence (AI) to provide insights and improve clinical diagnosis. Our tool enriches the experience by interpreting patients’ emotions through facial recognition to help our doctors assist in their diagnosis.

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Access Anywhere, Anytime!

Docty works with low data consumption, and low bandwidth video solution, enabling smooth online video consultations. Quality service to patients is provided across the globe at any time.

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Data Protection

All of Docty’s data complies with high security standards to guarantee safe treatment of all our user’s information.

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Doctor-Patient Connect

The use of technological tools and high-fidelity algorithms that facilitate effective communication during online doctor consultations is what makes Docty reliable.

Family Health Management

We are a family health management portal. Users can add family members (with separate access) and upload medical records for each member. This saves the users from having to share their medical history over and over again.

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Symptom Monitoring

Our Symptom Checker is a 24/7 engagement tool for users and acts as a permanent check-up system to monitor a patient's health status. Doctors are thus able to collect data 93.4% more accurately to provide safe and medical advice.

Docty Story

Docty, a global telehealth platform, was born out of a need to provide safe and reliable care for patients. The year was 2018 and the founders, through their personal experiences, had been feeling the need and urge to build something that could provide medical care access to all and hence the mission of “Access Anywhere, Anytime!” came about.

Docty Community

Docty offers the best 360 degrees Digital Healthcare solution. This is aimed to help doctors, hospitals, clinics, insurance providers, governments, pharmacies, corporations and patients to keep up with digital transformation tools. By doing so they are creating efficiencies supported by Data Analytics, IoT Hardware and Artificial Intelligence.


All doctors on Docty are verified as per each geo-location’s local regulations. A unique understanding of Docty’s entire service offering aids them help patients better. Flexible Scheduling, a unique real-time Emotions Index, AI Pre-Diagnostics, self-declared medical records and many more things will help them assess a patient’s condition and improve diagnosis.


Docty offers convenient and cost-effective bundle solutions from healthcare providers to group all family members regardless of the insurance status. Patients can use Docty’s 24×7 medical tools and online consultation availability to their advantage. Also, medical labs and nurses at home can be enabled in no time for convenience and reduced cost.


Our modular solution allows our partners to connect doctors, nurses, labs, pharmacies and medical records seamlessly to create efficiencies across processes and run any practice more effectively to improve patient engagement while keeping the costs down. They can standardize virtual care across the organization using a single dashboard to visualize the entire staff and patients.

Our Approach

Telemedicine addresses healthcare access and quality problem points across generations. But expectations from telemedicine is not limited to a few things; different age groups turn to digital healthcare to address various problems and Docty caters to all of them.

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